Wideband Miniature RF Signal Generators

20% of the Size, Half the Price, Great Features

Spartant RF Signal Source is powerful, rugged and compact.

Wide tuning range:
6GHz in a single unit

High power out:
+13 dBm, Auto level control

USB control and power:
Can be used anywhere

Extruded aluminum case

Only $1495

RF Signal Generator

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Spartant's Wideband RF Signal Sources are miniature,hand-held, portable and low-cost microwave signal generators. With excellent phase noise, high output power and convenient USB Windows PC control the frequency synthesizers are extremely versatile.

These high performance yet miniature synthesized radio frequency signal generators with USB for control and power are ideal for local oscillators, WiFi communications testing, defense applications, signal simulation, training, handheld, benchtop, ATE (Automated Test Equipment) or field demonstrations.

Extremely wide tuning range: 25 to 6000 MHz

USB: Convenient universal interface for power and control

High power out with automatic level control (ALC) +13 dBm

Set & Go: Non-volatile internal memory retains settings

Miniature: About the size of deck of cards. Easily fits in a pocket, toolkit, backpack or hand. 

Rugged extruded aluminum case

Excellent spectral performance: Phase Noise: -106 dBc/Hz @100 kHz, 250-1000MHz

Flexible frequency sweep mode

Includes a high frequency internal reference with available output

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